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Discussion in 'Setups' started by PhoenixGoddess, Jul 11, 2019.

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  1. PhoenixGoddess

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    Here at Xero Services we hope to serve you with the best of work. We offer great services such as

    ⮞ Web Development
    ⮞ Xenforo & Nameless.
    ⮞ Minecraft Builders & Terraformers.
    ⮞ Minecraft Setups
    ⮞ Configurations
    ⮞ Minecraft Developers
    ⮞ Discord Setups
    ⮞ Discord Developers
    ⮞ Graphic Designers
    ⮞ Cinematographers
    ⮞ Managers
    ⮞ Other Staff positions.

    • We need Freelancers who have these skills. If you have any of these skills and is interested in helping. Please joine the discord!


    Thank you Very Much,

    Sarah P,
    Executive of Xero Services.
    https://www.mc-market.org/threads/488029/#post-3950491 (My own Resume is in this thread)