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Hello Everyone!
This post is a little different to the usual but as some may know we have in fact had a trailer/promotional video for the website created. This will be used to a much higher extent in the future to attract new users but for now, we are offering the chance for you to get yourself a free name color, for a month.

The name colors you can claim are as followed:
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Gradient Blue
  • Gradient Green
  • Gradient Purple
  • Gradient Rainbow (Looks slightly different to this).
As previously stated, this will last...
Hello Everyone!
I hope you have all are enjoying the heat (for those who are getting any sun). I would like to start this off, as always, by thanking those who purchased last months exclusive name color, especially RaptorG for being the first person to. kingpep

Small Changes
This month mostly consisted of a node rearrangement, here are the changes:
  • All of the account focused sections have been placed near one another and split from the regular services.
  • The Minecraft specific services were all placed together with-in a sub-section.
  • The website/program-specific services were all placed together with-in a sub-section.
  • The rest of the services were bundled together (not in sub-sections) and were split from the rest of the products/sections.
  • The cape account requests section was removed.

Group Sale
I have been asked about this more than I can count. Following a user being banned from the website, his group was taken as per our rules and I will now be selling it. This time there will be no auction, just a flat price of $??.


Staff Changes
  • Avery is no longer apart of the staff team.
Before there are any assumptions Avery did nothing wrong, however unforunate this was a required change. He was an amazing staff member but I will now be taking back up the role of running the staff team.

Top Chatter
Congratulations to Raptor for winning the top chatter event throughout July. You have received the events exclusive golden name color, we hope you enjoy it. I appreciate the grind you put into coming first place, I could see how much you wanted it.

I am quite regularly asked about anniversary rewards so will briefly...
Hello Everyone!
I hope you have all are having a great summer break. I would like to start this off by thanking those who purchased last months exclusive name color, especially King Drakius for being the first person to.kingpep

Small Changes/Fixes
  • Obsidian requirements have been lowered.
  • Reputation requirements have been lowered.
  • There can now be six sticky thread per section.
  • The Rainbow name color promotion has expired.
Obsidian and Reputation Requirements
The requirements for Obsidian have dramatically changed, in my eyes, the previous ones were on the high end. You must hit the following criteria in order to gain Obsidian rank (do keep in mind you are not able to get the upgrade if you have Diamond or Emerald).
  • At least 50 posts.
  • At least 25 trophy points.
  • Been registered for 30 days.
  • At most 15 warning points.
  • At least 25 positive ratings (not reputation).
As always we will be keeping the reputation requirements completely private but I should mention they have also been lowered, you are no longer needed to have a certain amount of posts every month, instead once you hit certain criteria you will be able to leave reputation forever (you should be able to earn access fairly easily). Although if anyone is caught abusing the reputation system, you will lose access to it.

Layout Changes
You may have noticed that you are now required to scroll slightly further down the page to access the account section, which may be frustrating to get used to but we need to appreciate the fact this website is a forum, and we need to open up the discussion sections more. In order to do this, I simply moved the section further up the page so it's no longer neglected.

There will be more changes to the layout of the website as we move forward but it's all being thought out before implementation.

Hello Everyone!
I hope you have all had a great month and are looking forward to the summer break. I would also like to thank those who purchased last months exclusive name color, especially punctured for being the first person to kingpep.

On a little bit of a sidenote I would like to show my appreciation to everyone who left the kind messages on the previous announcement and know that I am feeling a lot better and especially motivated. Due to what I had to do last month not much on-site was changed but do expect more to happen over the next few months.

Small Changes/Fixes
  • Friendly rating has been renamed to Love.
  • Vouch rating has been renamed to Winner.
Just a little reminder that if you have been on the website for over a year, or even two, you are entitled an anniversary award. This is of course optional.

If you wish to claim your yearly anniversary medals please make a ticket here.

Name Color
The June name color has now been released and we hope you enjoy it. It can be viewed/purchased here.

MCTrades Owner
Official Personal Time
Hey Everyone!

A few of you may have noticed but I haven't been around over the past couple of days. For the first time in my life, someone close to me has died. My family and I are taking our time to grieve and plan arrangements. I will not be active or really online for a while, I am not sure how long this will be, so please do not expect replies directly from me on-site or over discord.

If you urgently need a message sent to me please contact the staff team, ONLY if there is no one else who can resolve it. I will do what I can with the free time I have. I'm spending a lot of time off and away from the computer for obvious reasons but will be sure to keep the website online while I am away.

I appreciate the nice messages I have received, see you all soon.

Hello Everyone!
I hope you have all had a great Easter break and have settled back into school. I would also like to thank those who purchased last months exclusive name color, especially Lex for being the first person to (again kingpep).

Small Changes/Fixes
  • Users may now like conversation messages.
  • Added some new "meme" emojis to the chat.
  • Changed the URL from "groups/list/" to simply just "/groups".
  • There were various other URL/slug changes made throughout the site to keep it consistent.
  • Fixed some issues with font awesome characters.
  • The referral contest banner had its color adjusted to match our theme.
As many of you may know we have had an "Obsidian" rank for a very long time which is earnt based on a certain amount of user activity. You may have also noticed that most users now do not have that rank. This is because I have made the decision to keep the Obsidian rank limited to those who do not have either Emerald or Diamond ranks.

This may take some getting used to but I personally was not enjoying the number of banners some users had and to equal it out with the number of user groups we have I have changes the requirements so only those who cannot afford/do not have a donor rank can achieve Obsidian. (Donors already have the permissions of this group).

Staff Changes
It has been a long time coming, Moofie has done a phenomenal job handling chat, freeing me and the team up of a lot of time to focus on other things.
  • Moofie has been promoted to Moderator.
Be sure to congratulate him!

I announced a few months ago that new medals were in the works, I recently found an artist that was capable of creating these for me. Over April we have discussed various designs and come to the decision on them. The new medals we have implemented are as followed:
  • ...
Hello Everyone!
I hope you have all had a great March and is looking forward to the Easter holidays. I would also like to thank those who purchased last months exclusive name color, especially Lex for being the first person to (again).

  • Fixed a couple of the outdated trophy requirements.
  • Added a new referral system (more information below).
  • Added new gaming account sections (CSGO, Apex Legends, etc).
  • Deleted the "Gaming Items" section.
  • The header banner may only be rented for 2 months before allowing someone else to use it.

  • Simplified the Minecraft specific sections.
    • Merged all the Minecraft accounts/codes into one section.
    • Merged all Minecraft services into one section.
    • Renamed "Non-Minecraft Merchandise" to "Non-Gaming Merchandise".
    • Renamed "Minecraft Trades and Services" to "Products and Services".

  • Re-arranged sections:
    • Moved "Other" gaming items section into Gaming accounts.
I have recently introduced a new add-on based on a suggestion by Authy which allows us to now efficiently refer users and track referrals. As of now, the system will only provide trophy points to winners of referral contests (which are started by myself) but once the...
Hello Everyone!
I hope you have all had a great valentines last month and is looking forward to March. I would also like to thank those who purchased last months exclusive name color, especially Lex for being the first person to.

Rule Changes/Additions
  • 3.1.2 A single group owner may only change ownership after having the group for 60 days or more.
  • 3.2.1 Group owners must have their groups maintain the same design (name colors, banner, icon, name, etc) for 45 days at a time. An exception may be granted in the event of an ownership change.
  • 7.1.1 All resources should work as described and should not have any features missing from the download.
  • 7.1.2 No resources shall contain any malware, bloatware, viruses, or other unnecessary components.
  • 7.1.3 All resources must be of adequate quality to function as described.
  • 7.2.1 Any sensitive information obtained while providing or obtaining resources must be kept private.
  • 7.2.1 No resources shall contain any malware, bloatware, viruses, or other unnecessary components.
It is finally that time, as you may have noticed we now have two new additions to the staff team, which has been overdue for a very long time.
  • punctured has been promoted to Chat-Moderator.
  • Moofie has been promoted to Chat-Moderator.
I would like to welcome and congradulate both punctured and Moofie on becoming members of our team, I am certain they will do an excellent job with their new roles.

Small Changes/Fixes
  • Renamed the "Concluded" giveaway prefix to "Finished".
  • Rules specific to resources were added, they can be read here.
  • People will no longer wrongfully receive the "Caution" tag from being warned.
Top Chatter...
Hello Everyone!
I hope you have all settled back into school/work after your Christmas break and enjoyed the week long sale we had at the start of the month. I'd also like to thank everyone who purchased the January name color, especially Binaric for being the first to do so.

Due to everyones suggestions and bug reports I've been able to make a few changes around the website which include the following:
  • Removed the "Fulfilled" prefix in the marketing sections as there was already a more frequently used "Closed" prefix.
  • Removed the ability to use/make chat rooms due to them going un-used for a long period of time.
  • Removed the PUBG gaming sub-section due to it never receiving a post/thread in its life-span.
  • Added a "Programming" section in the "Miscellaneous Services" category with the sub-sections of Java, Python, C#, JavaScript, and PHP. You may view the section here.
  • Deleted 4 of the previous user groups (OG, Princess, Ghoul, and Solitude) due to rule violations.
As can be seen in our previous section, four of the previous groups were deleted and because of this we are going to be auctioning four brand new groups for a firm period of a week. The starting bid for each is $50.

To bid for these groups you may send me a message and I will note your offers publically on this thread. On February 7th the group owners will be notified and if a payment is not made they will be re-auctioned for a few days.

Group 1 - SOLD
Group 2 - SOLD
Group 3 - SOLD
Group 4 - SOLD

These groups allow you to create your own user banners, which can be seen here (as demonstrated by Avery's PewDiePie group), however, the background must either be a...
Hello Everyone!
I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Years, I'd like to once again thank you, over December we managed to reach 100,000 messages which is just mind-blowing. There weren't as many updates last month due to how busy I was with coursework and such, but there are a few things I'd like to talk about.

This is our second year partnering up with Craftathon and I'm very pleased to say that we helped raise $1,144 for Child's Play. It was incredible to be a part of and the experience was fantastic. If you have suggestions on what we should do for our next charity event don't hesitate to reply with suggestions.

Due to falling ill over Christmas and issues with coupons I wasn't able to get a sale up, to make up for that, over the first week of 2019 I will be having a 30% sale on user upgrades, and a 15% sale on sidebar ads, and sticky threads. This will begin sometime today and I will be sure to post in chat/tweet when it officially begins.

EDIT: Due to me manually having to edit prices for sales (should be a temporary issue) I won't be reducing all sticky thread packages by 15%, as of right now only the one reduced is the alts section as it is the most used, if you would like another section reduced please let me know and I can get that arranged for you.

This has been long overdue, Avery has worked very hard as a staff member the whole time he has been here, it's finally time to give him what he deserves.
  • Avery has been promoted to Admin
Do not fear he will still be handling disputes until further notice.

Chat Reward
As many of you may remember the top chatter of every month previously received a rank upgrade, but due to the chat soon after slowing down it made it too easy and was removed. I will be bringing back a new chat reward, if you...