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Welcome to MCTrades, why not stay a while by registering?

Hello, everyone!

We've reached the end of October, and I'm sure you're all eager to see what updates there are in regards to our charity event.

Before announcing the results, I'd like to give a quick shoutout to all of those who donated: Combat_Log Damial Dew Ginger GolamT313 Isaac V JSlips Kesh Khafra kiingzly Kylew Moron NAV Nhytro Rogue Satty SomeAltShop Thiplol (special thanks to Anti for donating $25 for a charity medal!).

As a community, we raised a total of $120, falling $30 short of our $150 goal. Since we're so close to our goal, I'll be personally covering the $30 when sending the final amount to Gamer's Outreach.

Thank you to you all for being generous this month!


Halloween is over, and our Spooky theme has been accordingly pulled from public view. If you'd like to use it year-round, feel free to purchase Emerald from our account upgrades section.


For those of you who don't actively check our Twitter feed (which I really recommend you do!), we announced our one-year anniversary! MCTrades was officially installed on October 21st, 2016, and opened for use not too long after. It's crazy how far we have come. I would have never thought we would hit nearly 4,000 members back when I started the site. I have all of you to thank for getting us here.

To express our thanks to you all, we've added a coupon code for the beginning of November:

ANNIVERSARY - 15% off all upgrades

This is a...
Hello there, everyone! There are some extensive updates for this month, so pay attention to this announcement!​


I'm happy to announce that MCTrades will be doing a fundraiser to collect funds for Gamers Outreach, a not-for-profit organization specifically geared towards a gamers to gamers mentality, helping those in need through video game therapy. As per their mission statement:

I had the opportunity to meet their founder last Minecon (very awesome guy), and I was extremely impressed by their agenda. I'm happy that MCTrades has the opportunity to assist this institution; users can donate in two ways:

  • Name color. For a limited time, users can purchase an exclusive Gamers Outreach name color (which I am currently sporting on my account). The color costs $5 and can be purchased from the upgrades page. The name color can also be gifted.
  • Charity Medal. We have an exclusive medal for those who wish to donate $25 or more. If you'd like to purchase access to this medal, please make a support ticket or private message Jayson or me.
Users are free to donate any amount they'd like (please contact us for any value besides $5); however, only these two tiers of cosmetic items are currently available.

Our current goal is $150. More info to come as we progress through the month of October!...

New Sections, Features, Rule Modifications, and a Sale!
As we continue to expand our userbase, we have also increased the items in which we provide to enhance your experience at MCTrades. Some of which includes new sections being created, feature additions, and rule modifications.

MCTrades has a new partner by the name of NotroDan , a prodigious Minecraft YouTuber. Make sure to subscribe to their channel over at https://www.youtube.com/c/NotroDan .

We've replaced our old post ratings and smilies with new, modern graphics for a cleaner look. Along with this but not as new, we've added a FontAwesome BBCode to MCTrades allowing you to use FontAwesome icons easily. The BBCode and an example usage is at the bottom of this announcement.

For those getting tired of constantly posting "bump" to bump your thread just to ask moments later to have it deleted, fear bumps no more! We've implemented a new Up Thread system. Each user is able to up a thread once every day, resetting at midnight. Emerald members can up two threads per day, one of which could be a scheduled thread, automatically bumping based on a period of time.

As due to popular demand, we have created requesting sections for OG Accounts, Semi-OG Accounts, Ranked Accounts, Cape Accounts, and Cape...
Hello there, everyone! It's been a while since our last announcement, so I thought I should just go over what's new.

Discord integration:
In my opinion, by far one of the coolest features we've implemented. Users can now link their MCTrades account to their Discord account while in the MCTrades Discord guild. The process is relatively easy: simply go to "External Accounts" in your user dropdown (or, alternatively, press on that link), and authorize Quartermain (our official bot) to link your account to our website. Afterwards, you should be good to go!

Remember, you must join our Discord server in order to connect your account!

We've set up some partnerships!
  • SuperAlts - SuperAlts is the largest alt shop out there! They provide various types of account-related items: FAs, SFAs, NFAs, and more! Be sure to check them out!
  • PhaseClan - PhaseClan is a popular hacking YouTuber with 18k subscribers! He's been helping us out for a while now, but we recently managed to negotiate a long-term partnership.
  • Minecript (undergoing rebranding) - Minecript (now Penzzly, LLC) offers a wide range of Minecraft-related products and services. Their website is currently undergoing reconstruction, but we will have more news released once it is finished!
EDIT: Animated avatar usage is now an Emerald feature, and you can gift users upgrades by clicking "Gift" on either their profile card or any of their posts!

Rule additions:
Since the addition of joinable user groups, the site has lacked set rules for regulating them. As such, we have now added rules:

Joinable User Groups Rules:

  • 4.1 Joinable user groups should only be created with the intent to provide cosmetic...
In case you didn't see the Discord announcement:

EDIT: Craftathon raised $6,225 for Child's Play Charity. Thanks to everyone on MCTrades for helping out and letting the community know :)

We're happy to announce that MCTrades is partnering with Craftathon, a weekend-long charity event supporting Child's Play Charity (http://childsplaycharity.org/) where popular members of the Minecraft community can play online in real-time with their fans.

Craftathon contains fun minigames, an SMP, and interesting and informative panels.

Craftathon will take place on July 29-30.

It costs a minimum of $5 to get a regular ticket, or alternatively $20 for a V.I.P. ticket which comes with more perks; 100% of the proceeds will go towards improving the lives of children in hospitals and domestic violence shelters.

Many of the MCTrades staff team will be present at the event in-game and on the Craftathon Discord (https://discord.gg/3JRDCZ3), so please join us for a weekend full of fun! Get your ticket for Craftathon today!

Hey there, everyone!

Giveaway results:

I know you're all eagerly anticipating the giveaway results from our previous announcement, so here they are (quick shoutout to pretty for being such an awesome owner while I was on vacation):

Diamond rank winners:

Emerald rank winners:


Lifetime name color winners:


Custom name color winner:


Joinable user group winner:

Congratulations to all our winners, and thanks for getting the forum this far! I'll be messaging all the winners to give you your prizes :)

Forum Maintenance:

It has recently come to our attention that certain name colors are no longer working. Additionally, there have been various reported bugs regarding site-wide speed and website usage. In order to resolve most of these issues, we have set a maintenance date:

This Wednesday (June 12, 2017), at 4-7PM PDT (7-10PM EST).

Before and after Wednesday, you may experience some interruptions in various services. If for whatever reason the maintenance fails to resolve our issues, then we will reschedule to another date.

Thank, everyone!

See you around,
Hello MCTraders!

I'm gonna be hosing a giveaway for the following items!

1 User Group
2 Emerald Ranks
2 diamond ranks
5 Lifetime Name Colors
1 custom name color

To enter do the following:
Follow us on twitter!
Post your favorite color on thread.

Winners will be picked: 7/10/17!

Enter fast!
Good News everyone! kappa
The staff team made tons of new changes to the site! I'm gonna go through all of the new and exciting updates!

Staff Changes:
Me - I will be taking up the admin position during buildblox's leave.
Munchie ❤ - Is now our new manager!

Congrats to Munchie ❤ !

Now to the real meat of our updates!:
  • We added some new name colors to the store! Like some cool gradient name colors! (Thanks to PD2)
    • Name colors available: Green, Orange, and Purple Gradients.
      $3.50 each, permanent.
  • We now have user groups! here's the low-down:
    • User groups will cost $15 per group and will be first come first serve.
    • We will sell 3 user groups to start with and eventually sell more.
    • Please create a support ticket titled "User Group" To Purchase.
    • What you get:
      • A custom Tag.
      • A custom name color (No staff colors)
      • A custom tag icon
      • A custom forum to post in
  • Ban reasons on peoples posts!:
    • This helps out a lot so that you don't have to check back under bans to see why people are banned! Yay!
  • A discord widget:
    • Kinda a work in progress but you get the point :^)
  • Advertisement:
    • I'm currently working on some big advertisement in the next few days. Expect activity to boom!
I wanna give a huge thank you for hitting over 1,000 members! I thank you all for sticking around all this time!
Thank you soo much <3
MCTrades Admin
Hey there, everyone! Bear with me as I go through this all, as there are a lot of updates!

As promised, here are the giveaway results!
  • rectof wins an Emerald rank.
  • Local wins a Diamond rank.
  • Zoxu wins a name color.
  • Arsen wins a name color.
Congratulations to all our winners!

Also, some updates:
  • We recently emailed the majority of the MCSell userbase stating that all ranks would be transferred. Due to the large volume of requests to transfer ranks, as of June 25, we will no longer transfer any ranks. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Minecraft accounts have been divided into two sections:
    • Minecraft Alts/FAs
      • This consists of, understandably, Minecraft Alts and FAs. I chose to separate it into a different forum in order to make things clear as to where to post.
    • Minecraft Accounts/Capes
      • Same section as before, except we now have a Semi-OG section! If there are any posts you or someone has made that belong in this section, be sure to report it to be moved!
  • We now have a special rank: Obsidian!
    • Obsidian is a rank you earn. In order to be part of Obsidian, you must meet the following qualifications:
      • Registered for at least 30 days.
      • Posted at least 75 messages.
      • Received at least 10 likes.
      • Received no more than 10 warning points.
      • User isn’t a staff member.
      • You will automatically be upgraded once the daily cron runs. Give it about a day to update or so.
    • We’re hoping this will help user activity bloom. While the rank doesn’t have any special features yet, we’re planning on including access to exclusive forums and giveaways!
  • Affiliate marketing! As most of you have noticed, we have a referral system in place. If you’re interested in advertising MCTrades and making a quick...
Hey there, everyone!

It's been a while since I wrote up an announcement. In spite of recent events, a lot of things have changed here on MCTrades. As such, you may come across some cool features while browsing!

New theme: Say hello to the brand new MCTrades theme! Powered by Google's Material CSS, the new theme incorporates metro-style buttons and sleek design settings! We can now truly call ourselves the Modern Minecraft Marketplace.
  • Due to some compatibility features, our covers addon has been changed. If you had previously uploaded a cover, feel free to reupload it.
  • The ADStyler has been temporarily disabled due to bugs. It may or may not return.
  • Diamond users can switch to the Material Dark theme.
Because this is a brand new theme, bugs are expected. If you encounter any bugs, please submit a bug report by making a thread in the suggestions section and selecting "Bug Report" as the thread prefix.

Reputation/User Ratings: After being widely requested, we now have a reputation addon! If you would like to add a rating to a user, just navigate to https://mctrades.org/members/<user>/add-rating (it can be found on a user's member card or on the right-hand corner of their profile).

Staff changes: Our staff team has had some changes!
  • BadNode is now a moderator! Most of you recognize him as an administrator from a now-closed marketplace. Let's give him a warm welcome!
  • Eagle has been demoted due to inactivity. I'd like to thank him for his time here on MCTrades.
Giveaway: We're opening up a giveaway!
  • 2 Diamond ranks/Emerald for those who already have Diamond
  • 2 Name colors of winning user's choice.
To enter, simply like this thread and reply below.
TIP: Refer your friends to the site and tell them to enter your name in the "Referrer" box. Those who refer the most members will get a surprise at the end of the month ;)