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Hello Everyone!
I hope you are all enjoying your summer, despite the limitations. Just running a quick update as there have been a few changes and I'm finally getting around to selling a user-group.

User Group
To start this off, I will finally be selling the "Pride" group (redesignable of-course). To those who aren't aware you may view groups here. Owners can choose the banner background, name, icon, and name colour for the group (with a few small limitations). Then are free to invite anyone they wish, I like to look at it as a custom rank, as that's pretty much what it is. I have no set price, feel free to offer and I will get back to you all when I see the right price.


Brief Changes
  • All Hypixel skyblock sales (coins/scripts) are no longer permitted to be advertised or sold here. You may refer back to the rule that was added:
    • 1.4.2 The sale of Hypixel coins/scripts/items is not permitted anywhere on-site, any threads/posts about this will be removed and you will be subject to punishment.
  • The "Log Out" button was made more visible/accessible in the user menu by removing a range of non-used/less essential navigation options.
  • All anniversary medals were deleted (those who had them no longer do) as there was no automation with the current addon and doing it manually was a waste of time, something may be done in the future to reward those active long-time users.
  • New users cannot post for the initial 48 hours of their registration, giving time for our security addons to flag potential alts/evaders.
Top Chatter
You may or may not have noticed but above the shout-box, you may notice a message stating the top chatter event was terminated. Although I was using this as an incentive to boost activity in the chat (which worked for various months) over the past two or three the...
Hello Everyone!
It was just brought to my attention that there is a way people are able to link accounts they do not own to their profile, this can happen on both here, and MC-Market so I have had to make an announcement to keep everyone safe when dealing.

I will not mention how it is done but I can assure you that this only works on a very slim number of accounts, it is unlikely that it will happen to anyone attempting to buy an account (you should use a middleman anyway, better safe than sorry) but I discovered it was done a few days ago. If you are buying anything notable, whether it be a Cape, OG, Semi-OG, or Ranked account ensure you use a middleman or even request to see in-game proof of it before initiating a deal.

Stay safe!
Hello Everyone!
I hope everyone's staying safe during this pandemic and aren't getting too bored stuck inside. A quick little note to let everyone know the top chatter event was cancelled throughout June due to a variety of users flooding the chat to win the name colour.

Brief Changes
  • The glitch that would previously log-out users who visited account sections has been fixed.
  • We have had a theme switchover to purple, it has been through a test period but I am beginning to like it, and we will likely see a permanent switch.
  • A few months ago I was dabbling with a credit add-on which I was working on behind the scenes, a decision was made to abandon it.
  • The request account section was removed in the Cape/Ranked/Semi-OG nodes.
Staff Changes
Moofie is no longer apart of the staff team. I have had a large number of messages inquire about filling the position but as of now, the staff team will be kept the same. Moofie was previously extremely busy with IRL things so the majority of reports and moderation were dealt with by the team we have now, so at this moment we do not need to expand it.

For those who are interested, if a position opens up in the future we have an application section. You may only apply if you meet the requirements. Please do not ask, the requirements will not be posted publicly.

AstroVPN CTF Event (Award for Attending)
AstroVPN has reached out to the MCTrades Community in hopes of getting more attention to an upcoming event of theirs, AstroCTF 2020. AstroCTF is a "Capture The Flag" game, based around cryptography, cybersecurity, and StackOverflow! We've been hard at work getting this developed and expecting to have a more official release date in the next few weeks.

A few things are for certain, this event will be happening yearly, there will be prizes, and this is going to be a lot of fun for people new & experienced in...
Hello Everyone!
I'll start this off by saying that I hope you're all staying safe and keeping in-doors with this coronavirus situation and if any of you have been at all impacted by the virus I send you my prayers. It's been a little while since creating an announcement and for the most part, it was small alterations across the website but there is some information that needed to be told so I'll mention everything here.

Header Ad
As some of you may have noticed the header ad slot is no longer visible when attempting to create an ad and all advertisements that were in the queue have been cleared. This was done with good reason and there will be a new method of acquiring the header ad shortly, but first I need some feedback before I can continue.

When the current ad has used up its two-month period users may only be able to purchase the header ad slot by bidding for it (via the discord). Every month an auction will be held to purchase 30 days of the ad slot, the minimum bid being the current ad price for a month.

This is set in stone but what I would like to know is should we add a limitation that everyone that wins the auction must have at least a one-month period of not having the ad before being able to bid again?

User Research
A couple of weeks ago I made a post asking for users to fill out a google form as part of one of my modules and in return, they received a free user upgrade (for two months) and after 24 responses I decided to close the form as it was plenty for data analysis. I would just like to personally thank the following users for filling it in for me:

Jami Chris K Ember Coops DoomRanger Ragnar TuesdayATB Njord Brano systems saintsgg...
Hello Everyone!
I hosted a giveaway that was due to end on January 1st. A tad late but here are the winners.
If you already have the item you won, you choose who it goes to.

Regular Name Color (single or double gradient / not monthly):
Diamond Rank:
Emerald Rank:
Animated Rainbow Name Color:
If you do not private message me (which you can do by clicking here) to claim your prize, I will re-roll and choose another winner.

Here is a video of the winners being chosen, no rigging involved!

MCTrades Owner
Hello Everyone!
I hope you are all excited for the holidays. I would like to start this off, as always, by thanking those who purchased last month's exclusive name color, especially Justin for being the first person to. kingpep

End of Monthly Announcements
For the past couple of years, there has been an announcement at the beginning of every month. I managed to keep the "tradition" going for a year now but have made the decision to put an end to it. There will still be updates made on a regular basis but I no longer think it is worth the time or effort to announce minimal changes. I will make announcements when there is something important I need the community to know, or if there are any drastic changes coming.

Credit System

As many of you may have seen throughout October there was a credit system implemented for a short amount of time. This will still be used on the website in the future, it just requires work. Due to a registration issue caused with the addon I have temporarily removed it but fully intend on incorporating it once changes are made. Users will be able to purchase upgrades, medals, and even temporary donor perks with credits.

The credits will be earnable through new posts/threads, receiving likes, visiting the website daily, earning trophy points & more. I received some positive feedback when it was visible for the short period of time it was active and as of now there is no estimated time of release but keep an eye out for the future announcements.

Active Giveaway
With the last announcement, I began a giveaway. That is still active and will be until the end of this month. If you wish to enter please visit this thread and drop a comment. The winners will be randomly chosen and the rewards, as previously stated, will be as followed:
  • 1x Animated Rainbow Name Color
  • 1x...
Official #TeamTrees
Hey Everyone!
I know we just recently had a charity event but this is something a little different. This time around MCTrades will not be collecting donations and then forwarding it to the charity, instead, anyone who wishes to participate will be granted the "Tree Foundation" medal (visible on my profile) if you donate $5 to MrBeasts fundraiser.

For every $1 donated a tree will be planted, they are aiming to plant 20 million trees before the end of 2020 and although it won't be a massive game-changer for the environment, at least something is being done. For more information you should read this article.

Requirements: Your donation message to the website must mention your MCTrades username, (e.g. MCT: Callum) to verify the donation.
You may donate here: https://teamtrees.org/

To claim your medal, simply create a ticket with a screenshot of your $5 donation, I will be checking so if you are caught lying you will be punished accordingly. (Sidenote: I got this idea from another website but every little helps.).

Event expiration: January 1st, 2020,
Thank you.
Hello Everyone!
I hope you all had a great Halloween. I would like to start this off, as always, by thanking those who purchased last month's exclusive name color, especially aeonian for being the first person to. kingpep

15,000 Members
I officially became the Owner of MCTrades on October 24th 2018. Around that time we had just under 10,000 members. I am very happy with the progress and am very grateful for everyone that has registered and has stuck around.

To celebrate this I will be doing a small giveaway. You can win the following:
  • 1x Animated Rainbow Name Color
  • 1x Diamond Rank
  • 1x Emerald Rank
  • 5x Regular Name Colors

Shoutbox Liking
I have already seen this being discussed in chat, due to popular demand (and sqlty's push) I have decided to allow users to like chat messages. However this is not available to everyone, those who have the emerald rank are able to do so. This gives it a little bit of exclusivity while also preventing spam which is the reason it was previously removed. (Please do not abuse this).

History Page
I recently stumbled upon an addon and found it could be quite useful for some. We now track the previous 50 threads you have visited and allow you to view that log, your "history". You can view the page by going here or simply clicking on the history button at the top of the page:


Top Chatter
I decided to bring this section back to the announcements. For those who are not aware of the user with the most chat messages by the end of the month receives a special name color (the only 3 gradient name color on-site). The winner of this throughout October was Blood. Congratulations! :D

Hello Everyone!
I hope you all settled back into school. I would like to start this off, as always, by thanking those who purchased last month's exclusive name color, especially Aladarr for being the first person to. kingpep

Small Changes
This month mostly consisted of minor changes/fixes, here they are:
  • URL's no longer include the thread titles & member usernames, simply the ID.
  • Added the "Requesting" thread prefix to the loans/investment section.
  • The backend issues causing downtime have been fixed.
Charity Event
I am proud to announce we raised $350 for the British Heart Foundation. Below there is a video submitting the donation and receiving the confirmation email. I'd like to personally thank Chearful, sqlty, andreeww, VladNex, Moofie, Nutella, Netts, Maurits & Blood for your donations. As I mentioned in the previous thread this charity means a lot to me and I'm very grateful for everyone that partook in the event.

Halloween Theme
You will have probably noticed the change around in theme, throughout October the spooky theme will be the websites default. You of-course can change back to your preferred theme at the bottom left of the website.

Name Color
The October name color has now been released to match the spooky season and we hope you enjoy it. It can be viewed/purchased here.

MCTrades Owner

Hey everyone, it's been quite some time since we've done a charity event and as I have received various requests to do another, here we are. I decided to go with the British Heart Foundation as it means a lot to me and all of our previous fundraisers were for American organizations.

"We’re the British Heart Foundation. We fund research to save and improve lives affected by heart and circulatory diseases, the world’s biggest killers." - For more information visit their website here.

Goal: $250
At the end of the month, I will video myself making the donation via their website and will personally make up for all the money lost in fees.

Starting today and lasting until the 30th, you will be able to purchase a limited-time pink and red gradient name color (this will be the only ever red name color as it is typically reserved for the staff team) for $5.00.
If you donate $25 or more you will receive the "Charitable" medal and if you donate $50 or more you will receive the "British Heart Foundation" medal!

If you'd like to donate a custom amount, please make a ticket or privately message me.

MCTrades Owner