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❗ [50% OFF] SKYBLOCK 2.0 ✪ Automatic Configurator | Custom Plugins | Feature Packed ✪ [Must See] MAIN-1.13

Skyblock. Redesigned. Feature packed with everything you need. Configure it in a matter of minutes.

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    Minecraft Versions Supported:
    1.8 - 1.13.2

    Introducing SKYBLOCK 2.0, a complete revamp of my original Skyblock resource. This Setup is re-written from the ground up, including more features than ever before.

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    • Includes "SkyblockReplacer" [Click here]...
    • Includes Buycraft Terms and Conditions [Custom]...
    • Includes suggested Buycraft donator items and priced [Custom]...
    • Cobblestone generator upgrades [Custom]...
    • Island size upgrades [Custom]...
    • Spawner upgrades [Custom]...
    • Kit GUI with dynamic cooldown and kit preview [Custom]...
    • Spawner shop with custom drops [Custom]...
    • Hopper shop with custom hoppers [Custom]...
    • WarZone Shards [Custom]...
    • Condense Wands [$3.99 Resource For Free]..
    • Economy and Experience Boosters [$3.99 Resource For Free]...
    • Discord Server Bot [$1.99 Resource Free]...
    • Chunkstate duplication glitch patched [Important]...
    • Full Minecraft version support (1.8.x - 1.13.2)
    • Daily rewards to bring player's back daily...
    • Per-island hopper limit...
    • Auction house...
    • Player bounties...
    • JSON Chat formatting...
    • Two Skyblock schematics...
    • Sell Chests...
    • Spawn NPCs...
    • ClearLag & ClearLag Timer...
    • PlayerVaults (No duplication glitches)...
    • Fully configured crates (Vote, Rare, Legendary, Spawner)...
    • Custom hoppers (mob, crop, grind, break)...
    • Scoreboard...
    • Crafting suggestions...
    • Fully configured Essentials messages & kits...
    • Spawner stacking...
    • Voting rewards, messages, etc...
    • Bartender to gamble with...
    • McMMO & McMMO credits...
    • Physical island barrier...
    • Custom name tags...
    • Ranks fully configured (Member, 5 Donators, 4 Staff)...
    • Sell Wands...
    • Silk Spawners...
    • Custom tab list...
    • Trading system...
    • Vouchers...
    • Custom mob drops...
    Watch this video to see everything this Setup includes! Learn how to operate the custom automatic prefix replacer, so you will never need to spend thirty minutes configuring every rank, message, color, and prefix to your needs.


    The time of spending hours configuring your servers' messages, ranks, color theme, and everything else is no more. Use the included tool to configure everything to your brand in milliseconds.


    A beautiful spawn for your players to admire. Decorated with NPCs to run commands, a large portal to go to your island, and amazing armor stand cosmetics, it's visually stunning!
    Retain your players with daily rewards. Come back every day to spin the Legendary Wheel. Can you win a legendary item? If not, come back the next day and try again!

    Limit your players on what they can do, and require them to upgrade to unlock more and more. Island size upgrades, cobblestone generator upgrades, and a never-before seen spawner upgrade system.
    Create a physical border to players' islands, to prevent them from leaving. Combined with size upgrades to create a visually stunning island size reminder.

    Increase PVP on your server with a wide array of custom enchantments.
    A custom GUI for every kit. Supports available, cooldown, and locked kits. Left-click the kit to claim, and right-click it to preview the kit.​
    Purchase hoppers and custom hoppers in a custom GUI. An economy centered around hoppers- for farm automation and efficiency.
    (Hoppers are not craftable)

    A free scoreboard that displays all information needed. The tab showcases your server IP, store, users online, and even rank-prefix.

    Hover over a player's chat to receive a tooltip containing information about them. Messaging is easier than ever, just click their name!

    A paid resource of mine, included for free. Give players Condense Wands that allow them to condense ingots into blocks, perfect for iron farms.

    Purchase spawners from the custom GUI (No paid plugin needed). Purchase spawner tiers with /upgrade.

    ➣❗SHOP GUI
    A beautiful and clean GUI for buying and selling items. Not only that, but a tried and tested economy to ensure gameplay is balanced.

    This feature requires ShopGUIPlus by brc.

    Visual titles and particles when teleporting (either warping or teleporting). Completed with a sound countdown.
    The prefix is not changeable in the free version. You must purchase MoreTP+ by Onenrico to unlock changeable prefixes.

    Encourage PVP with WarZone shards! Shards can be obtained through envoy crates and by killing Bosses. Shards can then be converted into Tokens to buy donator items, using /convertshards.

    A 7.5% chance to receive a Corrupted Key when converting shards. Will then give either a Rare, Legendary, or Spawner key.
    Server Specs: Minimum: 1GB RAM | Recommended: 4GB RAM
    Plugins: A detailed list of all plugins used can be found here.
    Premium Plugins: Any external downloads can be found here.

    By purchasing this resource, you irrevocably agree to these Terms and Conditions:
    1. Refunds will not be issued.
    2. Charge-backs are strictly prohibited.
    3. You will not redistribute any of the resource contents.
    4. You will not resell any of the resource contents.
    Everything is better in person. Connect to the Demo Server using Minecraft versions 1.8.x - 1.13.2. Simply connect to "skyblock.landon.pw" to view the server.

    I want you to test before buying, so join and receive:
    The highest donator rank
    x999 of every crate key

    Use code "AVAST" for 10% off.

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