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Fake Join! - Funny prank to play on your community! 1.0

sends a message to global chat saying someone joined of your choosing

  1. Bro
    --------------------Fake Join!-------------------
    ---Hilarious Prank to pull on friends!---


    This plugin is a plugin which shows a fake joining message in your server like (Notch joined the game) and stuff like that!


    To install this plugin you do not need anything but CraftBukkit or Spigot! This plugin works in every version and works pretty well!

    Step 1: First you need to download the plugin by clicking were it says download!
    Step 2: After that you need to drag the jar file you downloaded in your plugins folder!
    Step 3: Now restart your server and the plugin should be working!

    If this doesn't work please contact me!


    Here are all of the commands/Permissions

    /fakejoin {any name} - no users can do this by default. To set the permissions the node is (fake.join)

    None at the moment but If you want your video to be featured he contact me on spigot!

    10 ✘
    50 ✘
    100 ✘
    150 ✘
    200 ✘
    300 ✘
    500 ✘
    1000 ✘
    2000 ✘


    V 1.0 - The first version with many more to come!