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Plugins Staff List Plugin 2.0

Staff list plugin to show your players/users all your staff members

  1. chelsea1124
    Staff List plugin
    This is a plugin that will allow you to show the staff that is on your server so when the player/user does /staff it will show up with the list of staff that you put there in the config.yml and this will allow users to know who is staff so they don't need to look around your whole server and ask other players who staff is as all they will need to do is one command and that is /staff.

    What will come in future updates:

    Allow you to change the colours of the list
    Allow you to change the title and footer
    Allow you to change the colours of the Ranks
    Allow you to change the rank names to what you like
    Add support for more versions

    And much more to come if you have something you want added to this contact me on here and ill see if I can do it.


    /Staff <---- Show the staff list


    Stafflist.allow <---- This will allow you to chose who can use the /staff command

    - UserName1
    - UserName2
    - UserName1
    - UserName2
    - UserName1
    - UserName2
    - UserName1
    - UserName2
    - UserName1
    - UserName2
    - UserName1
    - UserName2

    Picture of it in game as of now: