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Discussion in 'Advertising Services' started by SenpaiSkidz, Mar 14, 2019.

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    [!]Hello MC-Trades[!]

    Welcome to Senpai Setup service!

    Hello everyone as you can see from the title this a service for exclusive setups

    I'm offering exclusive, fast and reliable service!

    If you request HCF, Hub setup with Notifyz core plugin
    you must purchase it here on MC-M or I won't be able to
    make your setup with it since I'm not allowed to resell
    any of his plugins!

    ✦HCFaction setups✦
    Custom worlds, custom builds
    IHCF fork

    ✦Hub Setups✦
    for 1.8+ servers there down here is an example setup
    with what plugins I will be working!
    Example Hub setup!

    ✦SkyBlock setups✦

    if you are interested in any other type of setups like practice, prison
    feel free to PM me
    or join my discord!

    How can I purchase your setup?

    as for the payment is only PayPal!
    once we establish what kind of setups you want
    and all the features with it
    you will have to pay the half price up front and half price after the
    setup is finished!

    will I able to see the setup before its finish?

    Yes, you will have 24/7 access to the server to see the progress
    of your setup!

    also if you want custom plugin development contact me on discord!

    [!] Terms of service [!]

    You are not allowed to chargeback money!
    If you try to make any attempt of a scam
    you will be reported!
    You will be able to resell this setup
    or do whatever you like with it!

    Discord: SenpaiSkidz#3613
    Discord Server: Join here!
    Email: [email protected]