Suggestion Make the Log Out Button more Monitor Friendly

Discussion in 'Implemented Suggestions' started by Knice, Jul 29, 2020.

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  1. Knice

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    Make the Log Out Button more Monitor Friendly

    Currently, I cannot click log out when I press my profile icon on the upper bar.
    I have to zoom out in order to actually see the button.

    This is very inconvenient for users who wish to log out using this normally simple process.

    As for implementation, I would prefer if users could limit the number of "things" on their dashboard-thing.
    (Rectangled in Red)

    If this sort of customization is not possible, then I am unsure as to how this issue can be fixed.

    I use an HP Pavilion Laptop 15
    and my resolution is 1366 x 768 (Recommended)

    edit: I made the links actually hyperlink
    edit2: ok that's fine, my links show up as images, cool
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  2. Riley

    Riley CEO AstroVPN - System Administrator

    +1 Logout function could be made more clear, some ideas:
    • Adding a colored rounded background to the login button, white text. This would stand out very well.
    • Bold the text
    • Change location to a place less clicks away, just for convenience
  3. Callum

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    Thank you for your suggestion. I will definitely work on this ASAP. There are a lot of useless links being displayed on that menu which I can remove. And as Riley suggested I'll likely add a splash of purple around the logout button so its more visible.