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Discussion in 'Declined Suggestions' started by Sn4ck, Jan 20, 2021.

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  1. Sn4ck

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    This suggestion can be implemented by restricting the access to thread on the sell topics only to members who have purchased ranks (UPGRADED MEMBERS).

    Hello! I want to come up with an idea that will eliminate a lot of scammers!

    I am a fairly old member of MCTrades and I see as many scammers everyday.

    An efficient method from my point of view to get rid of them would be that only members with RANK / UPGRADE can create threads on the sales sections.
    An UPGRADE is not that expensive here and I think any fair seller should pay to sell. A scammer would not risk his money to sell 1-2 products.

    I'm not saying that because I already have an UPGRADE! I don't want to get rid of the right sellers who sell without, I just want to eliminate scammers!

    That is to be honest, the forum has grown quite a bit and should be respected. Why not invest a few $ to make more?

    In this way the world would have more confidence in this forum!

    Thank you for listening to my proposal and I wish you a good day!
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  2. Riley

    Riley CEO AstroVPN - System Administrator

    There are members here with more reputation than you and I combine, who're rank-less, and have been providing services since the site was founded.

    If anything, I think people with 3+ warning points AND OR people with less than 75-100 messages on site should NOT be able to sell goods/make sales threads.

    This would do several positive things:
    1. Promote member activity
    2. Encourage good behavior
    3. Reward good behavior
    4. Limit the number of new sales threads being created. Allowing more time for existing services to develop reputation/clients.
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  3. Sn4ck

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    Yeah. MCTrades seller topics should be just for members without warning points and min 75 messages. That's a good ideea.
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  4. 0n_

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    I have warning points and am pretty much what Riley's talking about (old members without ranks but with rep), those requirements would prevent me from using MCTrades to sell despite the fact I've always provided excellent after-sale support for every account I've ever sold and having a decent rep from my alt shop from way back in the day and selling random accounts over the years
  5. DoomRanger

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    I disagree with your idea, there are users like duckmanoof just to name one and TheBr0 for example who have no upgrades, they've been on the site much longer than you as well (less than a year isn't a fairly old member imo)

    However, I would suggest a 'Premium' space for those with upgrades. With that, I wouldn't mind if the prices for upgrades are increased. If you want upgrades to act as a form of credibility and give incentive this is probably the best way to do it.
    By doing so, you separate those that spent money on Upgrades and those that don't. To go a step further, Luke could potentially recruit more trustworthy staff and have them verify sellers amongst the 'Premium' section and move them to a Verified section

    This way, you'll have the Free Space, Premium Space and Verified Space. That said, it still won't stop people from trying to 'buy credibility' and scam but it would definitely deter most scammers. (Take note that exit scams will for sure still happen, we have no control over those)

    And also, Beau you should pin my guide or something at least
    I literally took some time writing it to put it out there for newer people that are surfing this forum so when they want to introduce themselves or something in General, they'll see my thread and take precaution. There's no point in me making that thread if no one can see it.
    That or you add some other guide elsewhere where new members can see
  6. Beau

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    Hello everyone,

    When it comes to this suggestion, many users may have their own point of views.

    MCTrades is a place for all to come and advertise their services. Account upgrades were not created to verify whether a user is "trustworthy" or a "scammer", but simply to provide users with benefits after they have donated to our website.

    I have been apart of the forums since 2017, and seen many people exit the community. It didn't matter that they had a rank or not, they scammed people based off the trust they built within the community. I could name several members that have done this based off the top of my head.

    Please note we will never force members to purchase an upgrade to use a section of our forums.

    Thank you Riley for the suggestion,

    Currently I am looking into a system where members who get warning points for specific things, get their access restricted based on their violation. 0n_, note that points do in fact expire and once they do you will gain the proper access back.
    As for DoomRanger,

    We have a list of private requirements a user must meet before we consider adding them to the verified seller section, as I currently am in charge of the section. On another note, I will take into consideration of the premium section being added.

    I am currently in the process of making multiple guides for the forums. The plan is to have a section with a list of helpful guides, tips and more. It is all in the works, I only ask for some patience as these things take time.