Discussion in 'Setups' started by Blocky, Feb 8, 2019.

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    Hello everyone!
    I am starting a small company called Block Setups. I am looking into starting to sell setups to people either custom or premade. In the near future, I hope to be able to do it with multiple people and expand more than just a one-man job. Well let's get to the point of this thread, I am going to be selling setups to people for cheap. This would be for if anyone needs configuration for plugins, a full server if you are looking to start from the ground up, bungee cord, website setups, and more in the future. (Maybe Banners, and Logos) - If you would be interested make sure to leave a reply. Also if you have any questions about my service or if you would like to join and help me make sure to leave a message below.

    Estimate Pricing (could change):
    Plugin Configuration - $1.50
    Server Setup (1 Gamemode) $3.00
    Bungee Setup (the connection) $1.00
    Network Games Setup (2 - 4) $10.00
    Minecraft Server Website $2.00
    Logo & Animated Banner $5.00
    Website Example:
    Logo Example: null
    Server Setup (not fully done - below)
    Here are some pics of my current project (HYBLOCK )

    Discord: Blocky#7463