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Discussion in 'Server Management' started by Zalbus, Mar 10, 2019.

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  1. Zalbus

    Zalbus EarthLordPvP Owner
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    Minecraft Accounts: Zalbus
    Who are we?

    EarthLordPvP is a network, a network to bring joy and fun to all of the players. This network is a factions network. Very small though. That's why we are looking for a Community Manager!

    You're job will be the following:

    • Manage the staff team
    • Staff applications
    • Announcements
    • Events
    • Dealing with players issues
    • Fixing bugs.
    • Managing the community
    • & more!

    This network is very small but growing. Due to the small size and the low donationbase, payments will be low. However, if you doHELP(by keeping the players happy) the playerbase and we get a good flow of donations. We can discuss payments. (If you are a highly professional Manager, please still offer your service as I may be able to work with the payments)

    What are some of the stuff I need to know?

    You will need to know how to deal with tough situations You must also be dedicated to helping the network grow and become better!

    NOTE: More will be given once contacted with me.


    • You must be over the age of 13.
    • You must have good grammar and spelling ( Professional )
    • You must be mature.
    • You must be active ( 2 hours a day unless talked )
    • You must be active on the forums.
    • You must not currently be staff on any other network / server
    • You must do you're job.
    • You must be loyal to the Network.
    • If you do break a rule. You will be demoted with no buts ( Of course the same staff rules apply to you )

    Have a question? Please PM Me.

    If you are interested please PM Me on Discord: Zalbus#9657

    If you do not have discord, Please email [email protected]

    NOTE: More details will be given at that time

    Best regards,
    - Zalbus