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Discussion in 'Servers' started by Theman4231, Feb 10, 2019.

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    We would like to introduce you to your next, refreshed Factions & Skyblock server. Dark Galaxy is a free to play Factions & Skyblock server featuring a high standard .. everything. Whether you are a great PvPer, raider or builder or good in the skies: Dark Galaxy is the server for you.

    What roles are vacant?
    - Senior Administrator
    - Administrator
    - Senior Moderator
    - Moderator
    - Helper
    We are only looking for experienced, professional staff members who want to assist us with our journey. I also want to remind all participants that if you apply, you are volunteering and no staff members will be paid, regardless of any rank.

    I'm interested, how do I get in contact? Feel free to join our Discord server:

    The server and website are in progress and with the current staff team, we are trying to assist players and also work on the server.

    We are also looking for someone to help us with a thread design for our posts on McTrades!
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    Released server or is it just releasing?