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Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Vanished, May 14, 2019.

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    Who are we?
    Longshot is a pre-established network that has been running through trial and error for quite a few months. During this time of releasing servers and not succeeding, we ask for community feedback to act upon. After a long time of community based research we believe we have huge potential, and vouches to support that.
    We will be releasing our project that we have been planning and creating for a couple of months. We have created a plan for every inch of what a server needs to become successful, since newly established networks with no previous community behind them to support new releases is much more difficult to start. Our project has not been rushed, and we have taken our time to perfect even the most minor details. We're excited to release what we have produced and if all goes to plan we believe we could be the next big server.

    What supports our potentiality?
    Longshot listens to the community and encourages them to speak up and have a vote in the way things are run, and what features should be added. We give everyone's opinion a chance and support people criticisms, since we take all criticisms as a way to build on our selves and help improve us. Longshot has team of competent members, people who are passionate and enjoy what they do. We are motivated to make the community enjoy themselves, to give them a place where they have fun and feel comfortable.
    [ All of our content is also extremely high quality. ]

    What are we looking for?
    Since our next project is a factions server, we will be hosting a lot of events for, giveaways and hopefully grow the server to over 500+ players. We already have a large discord server, of which needs to be maintained. Therefore, we are looking for well knowledgeable and experienced in all factors ranging from: Professionalism (Handling things in a sensible manner, not getting angry at people who are asking questions etc.); Experienced with the basic commands, and how certain game modes run systematically; Being grammatically correct (This falls under professionalism, but deserves its own variable.); Being passionate about what you do, we are looking for individuals who take pride in staffing.; Have the ability to talk to people with confidence; Have leadership skills, and the ability to work will with others.

    (( We are not looking for management, or senior administration. ))

    - Administration play a significant role on our servers, they create an infrastructure for the server that keeps the server well organised, they have an oversight of the staff team and will assist the management and ownership team with back-end work. They will be looked up to and be seen as motivators to the staff team, and will perform various tasks such as in-game events, giveaways and more. They will also be apart of recruitment of the staff team.

    Senior Moderation:
    - Senior moderators play the same role as moderators, but will need to mentor them where needed. Senior Moderators need communication skills, being able to host meetings and maintain a stable staff team. Senior moderators will also host community-based events, such as karaoke, or game-nights.

    - The function of moderators is to enforce the rules of our servers, by moderating the chats on all of our platforms. You shall be looking for rule-breakers and execute punishments where needed.

    Junior Moderation:
    - Junior moderators play a very significant role in our servers, without them we would indeed struggle to occupy the players needs. Junior moderators keep the community safe and maintain a well balanced sense of order. The function of junior moderators is to assist users on across our platforms: In-game, Discord, and the forums. Junior moderators will assist moderators, whether that is by informing users when in the wrong or referral to a higher role if beyond their capabilities junior mods have big duties to act upon.

    [!] Junior Moderators are technically helpers, but we changed the rank name due to a flaw in the hierarchy; meaning people feel more comfortable when talking with a higher member of the staff team.

    ■ You must be 15 or above.
    ■ You must have access to a microphone.
    ■ Able to dedicate your time [ 2 hours daily ]
    ■ Be level headed, and none biased.
    ■ Compassionate, and professional.
    ■ Leadership skills, and being confident.

    Note: All jobs are currently voluntary, meaning not paid.

    Website: https://longshot.net
    Store: https://store.longshot.net
    Discord: https://longshot.net/discord/
  2. CatLSN

    CatLSN Trader

    I work on longshot as an administrator in the staff operative area, I love to work with this staff team everyone is very kind I would definitely consider applying!
  3. Munchie

    Munchie System Administrator

    Vouch and bump!

    I was recently hired as a junior mod on Longshot. I’ve never seen a server with so much dedication and potential. I look forward to seeing Longshot grow.
  4. Curvvy

    Curvvy Trader

    Seems interesting... Might be in contact very soon!