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Other Server Setup 5.7

Setting up a server on your linux box made simple!

  1. Ugg

    Ugg Emerald

    Minecraft Accounts: Ugg
    Ugg submitted a new resource:

    Server Setup - Setting up a server on your linux box made simple!

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  2. Jayson

    Jayson Owner

    It would be nice if it didn't require an internet connection to download parts of the script, but instead have it in the form of functions with a built in update check. In this way, if your site ever goes down, the script will continue to work. You may also want to consider a download mirror selector, a first time run dependencies installer (use a folder in /etc for storage), and have an installer place the script into /usr/bin while also removing the file extension so that it may be executed in any directory.

    For the starting users, you may also want to add an automated operating system detection tool with a fallback manual selection.

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