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  1. 1

    The Beginning

    Alas, another trader has entered the room, their fate is only what time shall tell.

  2. 2


    Something is hiding within those bushes, let’s go smack it.

  3. 2

    Covered Up

    It is about time that you've covered up!

  4. 2

    Tweet Tweet

    Watch as the pretty little Twitter birds fly across the sky.

  5. 2


    Playing games is what we do best.

  6. 2

    Not a Broom

    Hey you, yeah you, why won't ya use Discord? Just cuz it's fancy new and you don't want to use it? Don't be a broom, use Discord and MCTrades!

  7. 2


    Let me Skype my friend and see if they’re online...okay they’re still not online.

  8. 2


    Easily share your content to the world-increase publicity of it with MCTrades.

  9. 2

    It's a Book With Faces

    This book is creepily clickable.

  10. 2

    Insta Share

    Such many pictures.

  11. 2


    Stop snapping pictures and do something productive for once!

  12. 2

    Coding Pen

    Wait what, do people actually code on paper?

  13. 2


    Deep in the mines of a Minecraft realm, this little trader gets zapped out and into reality.

  14. 3


    This little trader just broke their shell, shooting a message!

  15. 3


    Crafted out of the hardest gatherable material, the trader has acomplished what many have not.

  16. 3

    It's a Party in The-Group

    So I put my hands up, they're trading away, and the money go flying up. Noddin' my head like, yeah, where'd my money go.

  17. 3


    Part of the minority in which has actually introduced themselves.

  18. 4


    From a land far, far, away, there is this one whom becomes another trader.

  19. 4


    Publishing content for the world to use, purchase, download, but mainly buy.

  20. 4


    Ah, this traderling has been trading for an entire month! Do you know how long that is? That's like 2,592,000 seconds!

  21. 4

    Double Digits

    There's this one trader who has been creating dozens of messages recently.

  22. 5


    I say it's my birthday, it's their birthday too, yeah.

  23. 5

    Still an Infant

    This trader has traded for half a year...still a long way to go.

  24. 5

    Deal Maker

    A starting trader with ambitious goals.

  25. 5


    One in which posts messages in which are typically accepted among the community.

  26. 5

    Seasonal Spirit

    Why have seasonal decorations play at just one time of the year when they can be on every single second of every single day?

  27. 5

    Beloved Messages

    Seems the community likes someone's messages.

  28. 5


    Gain rights to utilize a name color...other than grey.

  29. 6

    Trophy Hunter

    Just stare at all these trophies.

  30. 6


    Helping us improve our services.

  31. 7


    Make someone's day with a delightful trader gift.

  32. 7

    MCTrades Mobile

    This generation just can't stop using their phones...

  33. 7

    Distributed Opinions

    Shall one's opinions be heard in regards to to the well being of all!

  34. 8


    An active, yet relaxed member of the community.

  35. 8


    Quite reasonable.

  36. 8

    Perfect Feedback

    The community has decided that yet another has perfect feedback after reviewing the last few trades.

  37. 9

    One...Two...Three Digits!

    One in which accomplishes a triple digit message count is worthy of this-because that's the requirements.

  38. 9

    Rogue Trader

    Across the valley lies a village with an excellent stockpile of gold and jewelry.

  39. 10


    Donate to one of MCTrades' charity fundraiser events.

  40. 11

    A Message a Day

    A message a day keeps the money from going away.

  41. 12

    Trading Anniversary

    Finally a toddler!

  42. 13

    Relaxed and Active

    An extremely active member of the community whom has behaved themselves.

  43. 14

    Wonderful Presents

    Shall the traders roar with excitement as presents rain from the sky-or the dirt patch across the road?

  44. 15

    Second Anniversary

    Two years ago, there was this one trader who...

  45. 25

    Quadruple Digits?

    How...just how...has yet another trader made it past 999 messages.