Trophies Awarded to Callum

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  1. 8
    Awarded: Oct 11, 2019

    Perfect Feedback

    The community has decided that yet another has perfect feedback after reviewing the last few trades.

  2. 8
    Awarded: Oct 1, 2019


    An active, yet relaxed member of the community.

  3. 9
    Awarded: Oct 1, 2019

    One...Two...Three Digits!

    One in which accomplishes a triple digit message count is worthy of this-because that's the requirements.

  4. 5
    Awarded: Apr 10, 2019


    I say it's my birthday, it's their birthday too, yeah.

  5. 15
    Awarded: Apr 3, 2019

    Second Anniversary

    Two years ago, there was this one trader who...

  6. 12
    Awarded: Apr 3, 2019

    Trading Anniversary

    Finally a toddler!

  7. 4
    Awarded: Apr 3, 2019


    Ah, this traderling has been trading for an entire month! Do you know how long that is? That's like 2,592,000 seconds!

  8. 2
    Awarded: Apr 3, 2019

    Not a Broom

    Hey you, yeah you, why won't ya use Discord? Just cuz it's fancy new and you don't want to use it? Don't be a broom, use Discord and MCTrades!

  9. 2
    Awarded: Apr 3, 2019

    Tweet Tweet

    Watch as the pretty little Twitter birds fly across the sky.

  10. 2
    Awarded: Apr 3, 2019


    Something is hiding within those bushes, let’s go smack it.

  11. 3
    Awarded: Mar 14, 2019


    Part of the minority in which has actually introduced themselves.

  12. 6
    Awarded: Mar 13, 2019

    Trophy Hunter

    Just stare at all these trophies.

  13. 2
    Awarded: Mar 13, 2019

    Insta Share

    Such many pictures.

  14. 2
    Awarded: Mar 13, 2019


    Easily share your content to the world-increase publicity of it with MCTrades.

  15. 2
    Awarded: Mar 13, 2019


    Let me Skype my friend and see if they’re online...okay they’re still not online.

  16. 2
    Awarded: Mar 13, 2019


    Playing games is what we do best.

  17. 5
    Awarded: Nov 1, 2018

    Beloved Messages

    Seems the community likes someone's messages.

  18. 11
    Awarded: Oct 28, 2018

    A Message a Day

    A message a day keeps the money from going away.

  19. 3
    Awarded: Oct 26, 2018

    It's a Party in The-Group

    So I put my hands up, they're trading away, and the money go flying up. Noddin' my head like, yeah, where'd my money go.

  20. 7
    Awarded: Oct 24, 2018

    Distributed Opinions

    Shall one's opinions be heard in regards to to the well being of all!

  21. 7
    Awarded: Jul 22, 2018

    MCTrades Mobile

    This generation just can't stop using their phones...

  22. 5
    Awarded: Jun 3, 2018


    Gain rights to utilize a name color...other than grey.

  23. 5
    Awarded: Jun 3, 2018


    One in which posts messages in which are typically accepted among the community.

  24. 5
    Awarded: Jun 3, 2018

    Deal Maker

    A starting trader with ambitious goals.

  25. 4
    Awarded: Jun 3, 2018

    Double Digits

    There's this one trader who has been creating dozens of messages recently.

  26. 5
    Awarded: Jun 3, 2018

    Still an Infant

    This trader has traded for half a year...still a long way to go.

  27. 2
    Awarded: Jun 3, 2018


    Deep in the mines of a Minecraft realm, this little trader gets zapped out and into reality.

  28. 1
    Awarded: Jun 3, 2018

    The Beginning

    Alas, another trader has entered the room, their fate is only what time shall tell.

  29. 3
    Awarded: Jun 3, 2018


    This little trader just broke their shell, shooting a message!