Complete ★ PRACTICE ★ Quality, Cheap premade full configurated Practice server ★

Discussion in 'Configurations' started by VINCARE, Feb 25, 2018.

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    Today i selling my premade ★ PRACTICE SERVER ★ Full configurated and super cheap!

    ► Practice Server have:
    ● Setup Pex with all permissions of practice plugin!
    ● Quality Lobby for Practice
    ● 40 Quality Arenas (110x60)
    ● 15 Ladders (Kits): NoDebuff,Debuff,SpeedNoDebuff,HCF,GApple,Combo,Archer,Axe,BuildUHC,Sumo,Classic,SG (Kohi Style), Build-Sky, Sky-Knock, Sumo-Knock

    ● Practice Plugin Information: Tournaments,FFA-Events,Party Fights,Party Events,Settings,Scoreboard,Public-Party and much more!

    ● Other Plugins Information: Custom KB, Great Potion Register, Staff Mode for your Staff and much more good plugins!
    ► Images of Lobby:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    ► Images of some Arenas:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Images/Gifts of Practice plugin:
    Scoreboard: - Without party (default) - With party
    Hotbar Items (All): » Normal Hotbar » Party Hotbar
    Settings: - All settings
    Ladders (Kits): - All Kits (15 ladders)
    Queue Info: - Queue Scoreboard/Items
    Match Info: - Scoreboard

    ★ Price: 3.25EUR or 4.00$
    ★ Buy now at:
    ★ PM me on Skype: vesko1250
    ★ PM me on Discord: VINCARE#1476