Offering ⭐⭐ Affordable Hosting⭐ NVMe SSD ⭐ ~50ms Ping ⭐ |Starting at 0.33€| ⭐

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    Current Hosting Plans
    Minecraft - Starting at 0,99€/month
    Discord Bot Hosting - Starting at 0,33/month


    •Less than 50ms ping with all bots!
    • High-end hosting hardware.
    • Premium support!
    • Have an issue with a bot? We will fix it!
    • 24/7 Uptime.

    Processor: i7 7700k
    Memory: DDR4
    Disk: NVMe SSD
    Network: 1 GBit/s
    Protection: Fully DDOS protected
    Location: Finland


    Panel -

    Contact us
    Do you have any question? Feel free to join our discord @
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    Hello everyone,

    CentralHQ Services have moved all the current clients and all nodes to our sister company!

    Why this was done?
    We saw that ordering our service was really hard and a really long process. To shorten it to 1-3 minutes we decided to move everything to as a separate sister company!

    Prices changed?
    You're not wrong. Yes, our prices have changed from 0,25€ as a base plan to 0,33€. Why this had to be done? Due to us moving to a new billing panel we had to increase the price due to our bigger spending but the great news is that our prices are still the best on the market!

    Did specification change?
    Correct! After few months of running discord bot hosting, we saw that our last node was way overpriced for our needs and quality of it wasn't great sadly thus we decided to move to a new node with faster SSD storage that will make your bots go online in seconds!

    Free copy?
    YES! from today you can get your own free 24h copy of discord bot hosting to test it out! Just visit our website and you will find it under "Hosting".

    We hope to see everyone at our discord

    Kind Regards,
    David, CEO.