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Discussion in 'Graphics' started by AegiZzDesigns, Jun 3, 2019.

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    Hello! I am a 15-year-old designer and I have been doing graphics for a few years now. I can produce Banners, Thumbnails, Profile Pictures, and Logos. You can contact me through:
    Discord: ewitsaegizz#3646
    Twitter: AegiZzDesigns


    • Payments will NOT be refunded.
    • You are not allowed to chargeback after receiving your item.
    • You can't claim any of my work as yours.
    • You will receive the .png / .jpeg file. If you want the project file you need to pay a little fee.
    • I can cancel the request anytime and will charge the money back.
    • You can't resell the item.
    • You must pay the full payment first.
    • You can only pay with PayPal.
    • If any of these are violated, I am able to provide legal action.

    By purchasing any items, you are agreeing to these Terms of Services

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