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Discussion in 'Plugins' started by LeeJared, Jun 18, 2019.

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  1. LeeJared

    LeeJared Active Trader
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    Hi there,

    I am looking for a developer who can help me with the following;

    UHC Addon Plugin w/ includes
    • A bundle of scenarios that can be toggled through a GUI
    • Border Shrinking
    • An automated start command that scatters, enables pvp and shrinks the border and all the little details inbetween

    Custom Scoreboard for pre-game and mid game w/ includes
    • Server Name
    • Host Name
    • Time until UHC starts
    • Scenarios

    (Mid Game)
    • Server Name
    • Player Kills
    • Time since UHC started
    • What the current border is

    If you are able to assist me feel free to add my discord LeeJared#6574
  2. Hazel Studios

    Hazel Studios Service Team | The very best

    Hey there! Hazel Studios can do this for you at a cheap & competitive price. Please join our discord at and create a ticket, a sales rep will be with you shortly.