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Discussion in 'Website & Application Services' started by NOLEHR, Jan 17, 2020.

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    Minecraft Accounts: NOLEHR _NovakCraft_

    As you maybe know I stop selling alts few months ago and right now I selling:

    Web domain ""

    - Webiste still got alot viewers on "" and main domain.

    Custom Automated Shop System
    - Integrated with paypal
    - Buyers get on email order number + accounts and some other details
    - Seller get email when order is completed/ refunded/ chargebacked
    - Custom panel where you can add / delete / edit accounts, create categorys, create articles and much more.
    - You got in panel graphs for analysis your sell, total accounts in store and total orders.
    - You can see buyer email, email of paypal, random generated order ID, location and other stuff.
    - Blacklist system (Block country, email, IP, paypal email...)

    If you want to know more informations about Custom Shop System contact me via discord for screenshoots and more informations about this. - NOLEHR#0483

    For price contact me on discord, we can get to the same branch :p
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