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Discussion in 'Domains' started by Shane1199, Aug 17, 2017.

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    The names I've chosen relate to MC, generally servers but also some server lists, hosts, or other services. Keep in mind, with the right domain it can be easy for new players to type out and remember for the future. Catchy names may even just may make players want to join. Once you have a name, it's generally best to stick with it so that returning players can find you (for example, I've had old players from 2 years ago join to come back to see what's been going on since the time they left and to start playing again), so you need to be happy with your name.

    SHOP (redirected to my profile as proof)

    • $25 [Skywars or Minigames]
    • $20 [Skywars or Minigames]
    • $25 [CTF or Minigames]
    • $25 [Factions/HCF or any]
    • & $35 for both [Factions/HCF]
    • $25 [Minigames or any]
    • $50 for all [Prison]
    • $25 [Any]
    • $15 [Creative or any]
    • $20 for both [Towny]
    • $20 for all [Server List]
    • $30 for both [MC Alt Store/Shop/Service]
    • A few domains that might redirect traffic to you. PM me for info.

    All of my domains:

    • Can be remembered by your players
    • Usually will not be misspelled (as most other domains being sold on MCM are likely to be misspelled)
    • Generally are not using the same name as another server. A part of being unique!
    • Come with WhoIs Privacy
    • Include whatever remaining time it has before the renewal period (most bought recently)
    If you have a question, I would be happy to answer it in a PM or below. Suggestions or concerns should be in PM. Feel free to leave your vouch below if I've worked with you in the past or through this! :) I look forward to working with you.
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    Change the other . links. i cant see it on dark theme.
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    Awesome, thanks for the input. I set the color to black and then none for all the domains, did it get fixed?