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Discussion in 'Middlemen' started by DoomRanger, Feb 7, 2020.

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    Hello, I'm DoomRanger.
    I'm offering a middleman service mainly to build more reputation on this site.

    Naturally, I'm offering my services for free

    Terms of Service
    1. Only message me on mctrades conversation, DMs on Discord will not be allowed
    2. I am only doing this for reputation so if you do not yet have the ability to provide rep, I will not deal with you
    3. When sending payment, it is your job to check for fees and calculate accordingly
    4. I will only accept payment via F&F or G&S except that you will have to open and close a dispute
    5. I will send the payment via G&S
    6. Any attempts at scamming will result in me opening a dispute against you on mctrades
    7. Only serious deals
    8. I will only provide middleman for non-perishable goods or services. If you insist otherwise, I will not be liable for what happens to the product after purchase.
    9. I can and may update or change the Terms of Service without prior consent from anyone. Changes to the ToS will only apply to consequent middleman trades.

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