Offering Hyrush Network - Domains + Server Logo + Custom Plugins

Discussion in 'Other' started by Emcrypted, Feb 10, 2020.

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  1. Emcrypted

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    Hello MC-Trades!

    I have another quick sell and I am not in a rush to sell it. I want to focus on my main server now. I haven't really started to make an actual server for this but yeah here it is:

    Non-transparent + No watermark version will be given upon purchase
    • HyrushBounties - Just like saicopvp's bounty hunting, once a player is killed. It's head will be dropped and the % of its money will be deducted and be given to the player who claims it.
    • HyrushEvents - A very simple automation plugin that supports PlaceholderAPI. It will automatically sends commands on an interval. Here's the config: This can be used on featherboard. You can also customized the format of the timer too.
    • HyrushKillstreaks - A plugin that tracks players kills, you can customize the name of each streak.

    Please DM me your prices so we can see if I like your offer.

    • The payment must be in F&F. If you send the other way around, I will never give you the files.
    • I will not go first, payment should be payed upfront before the files will be given.
    • If we are going to use middleman, I am only going to deal with people that are known and reputable mm here.
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    Might be buying this :)
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