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    Contact info:
    Public Discord: Click here
    Mail: [email protected]

    #[1] After the build has been delivered the client has a maximum of 60 minutes to ask for minor changes. No additional requests can be made.
    # [2] Due to the uncertain nature of our business we require a 50% downpayment.
    # [3] All payments will be done via PayPal.
    # [4] If payment is more than 5 days overdue of the agreed deadline then it gives us the right to sell the build to another buyer.
    # [5] If evidence surfaces that the build is being used/sold without our permission, we are allowed to resell, or publish the build for free.
    # [6] We do our very best to finish your request on time. If for some unexpected reason we are not able to finish the project before the deadline, we reserve the right to change the deadline to a later date.
    # [7] Neither the client nor us may cancel a project without the other’s consent once it has been started. Should the client break these terms of service without our consent, then a possible deposit will be used to cover the costs of our builder's labor and time, and no refund will be given.
    # [8] These terms of service can be broken under the agreement of both parties.
    # [9] Additionally we reserve all rights to terminate your service upon any violation of these terms or any other basis if deemed needed.
    # [10] There are no refunds allowed, no matter the circumstances.
    # [11] These terms of service can change at any time without warning.
    All prices are rough estimates. Depending on the details of your project the price may either increase or decrease. Do you have a precise budget for your request? Our services are flexible enough to fit most budgets. As we do not have set prices, we're open to negotiation.

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