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Discussion in 'Web Design & Development' started by MrDan, Jan 19, 2021.

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    I am a Full Stack Web Developer & Web Designer.

    I incorporate good design into everything I build. Not only having a beautiful UI, but also providing semantic and optimized code. With 1+ year full of stack experience, I can handle almost any problem.

    In my projects you will be able to see: readable and optimized code in each element + responsive browsing for any device.

    I am trying to keep the price very affordable. Starting from 6$ for a simple website ( 2-4 pages, a small project, front-end only) to ultimate website ( front-end + back-end, different systems as login system, system working with databases, etc).

    I work with those programming languages: HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript. I do not work with frameworks!

    I would consider my biggest project until now the website for my college which has included an online catalogue with all the students and their grades + all the professors of the school each having an account on the website.
    Also I created a lot of companies websites. For portfolio, please contact me on discord. Thanks!

    If you got an idea, let's get in touch!

    Discord: Asstoped#4346