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    - Requirements -



    Hello! and welcome to Royal Crimson! We are happy to bring you our newly released network, where you can bring friends and meet new people!
    We are quite a big team and we are always looking to hire more staff and more developers to enhance the Minecraft experience for players!
    Our team is able to do anything and overcome any obstacle that comes in our way to keep our network running smoothly. When it comes to it, WE need YOUR help. We are currently in search of quite a number of staff that ranges from: Helper, Moderators, Administrators, Developers, Builders and Graphic Artist. You could have no experience, a small amount of experience, or a lot of experience, we will happily take you on board. Please also feel free to apply for other positions on the form.
    In order to apply, please click the following link: LINK

    The Server's Website
    The Server's IP: play.royal-crimson.net

    If you have any inquiries feel free to contact me on my discord: King_Kimo#6321
    Royal Crimson is designed for all kinds of players.​

    Constantly adding new features and updates to enhance your Minecraft experience. It is simply designed for all. It is designed for you.
    The main theme of the server is Towny, and new servers being added soon in the near future.
    These new servers include:
    Application Information

    Moderator / Helper - We need Staff to help run our servers. This role will comprise you attracting and entertaining the community and having a social outreach to the players and advertise our server and increase our player amount. You will be required to engage with the community and players and invent new ways to make players engaged with the server and host many enjoyable events for all players.​

    Developer - We are currently in search of multiple developers for our network. Developers will be required to perform multiple tasks - specifically configuring plugins and searching for new ones. This is crucial to our server as it will greatly help us to differentiate ourselves from other servers.
    Graphic artist/Video fx artist - We are looking for a few people with experience in making graphic art like banners, icons, and much more! We are also looking for a Video fx artist to create teasers, trailers, and hype for events that we host.​

    Builder - We need several builders to build on our server. You will be required to build many multiple themes on our server. This will range from medieval and suburban theme for our medieval server, it could range from terrain design to custom builds to custom monuments, it could also range from war-like themes! The combinations are endless therefore requiring a lot of aid with builders.​