Requesting [PAID] I'm Looking For Structured Building Lessons - How to Build in Minecraft

Discussion in 'Builds' started by RessGames, Jun 28, 2022.

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    Hey MC-Trades!

    I know this post may seem rather silly and juvenile, but I am completely serious about my intentions. I am looking to learn to build in Minecraft. I have been playing the game since 2013 and never knew how to build it and always passed it off since I was more interested in PvP at the time. Over the years I have always tried to copy things I've liked from other builders, only for them to look substandard. Fast forward to 2022, I realized that to become great at this, I need a structured pathway plan to get to where I want to be, starting from the ground up.

    I'm looking for someone who has been building for at least 5-6 years, and who is knowledgeable in how to use world edit and voxel sniper. The ideal instructor should be well versed in most building styles (medieval, colonial, victorian, modern, futuristic, rustic, Asian traditional, etc). Also, I am looking for someone patient, understanding, and concise. Compensation and further details can be discussed with me on discord.

    Discord: Rosss#7272

    I look forward to hearing from you guys! I will post an update on this thread once I have found an instructor.

    PLEASE NOTE: I am not looking for any build teams. I am looking for 1 instructor