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    Sapphire Setups
    Excellence isn't a choice. It's our standard.

    ─ About ─
    Welcome to Sapphire Setups. We are looking to be at the forefront of the "Minecraft, TeamSpeak, and Discord Industry". I have built a Team of the best people I know to make Minecraft Servers, TeamSpeak Banners & Icons, and Discord Servers. So everyone has a nice time to hang out, chill, and talk to people.
    ─ Plans ─
    ★ 1 ($3.00) ★
    Server of Choice
    Buycraft (5 Ranks, Pictures, and Descriptions)
    TeamSpeak Server (15 Channels, 10 Ranks, and Custom Domain (

    ★ 2 ($6.00) ★
    12 Hour Support
    Server of Choice
    Buycraft (10 Ranks, 5 Extra Items, Pictures, and Descriptions)
    TeamSpeak Server (20 Channels, 15 Ranks, Custom Domain (, and Icons)

    ★ 3 ($9.00) ★
    12 Hour Support
    Server of Choice
    Buycraft (15 Ranks, 10 Extra Items, Pictures, and Descriptions)
    TeamSpeak Server (25 Channels, 20 Ranks, Custom Domain (, and Icons) or Discord Server.

    ★ 4 ($12.00) ★
    24 Hour Support
    Server of Choice
    Buycraft (20 Ranks, 15 Extra Items, Pictures, and Descriptions)
    TeamSpeak Server (30 Channels, 25 Ranks, Custom Domain (, and Icons) or Discord Server.

    ★ 5 ($2.50) ★ Vouch Copies (0/1)
    TeamSpeak Server
    30 Ranks
    30 Channels
    12 Hour Support
    Custom Domain (

    ★ 6 ($2.50) ★ Vouch Copies (0/1)
    Discord Server
    30 Ranks
    30 Channels
    12 Hour Support
    2 Bots of Choice
    ─ Servers ─
    ★ Factions ($3.00) ★ Vouch Copies (0/1)
    Announcer, AntiPlugins, AH, Banknotes, Block Particles, Citizens, ClearLag, CoinFlip, CombatLog, CommandNPC, Crates, CE, Envoy, CustomHelp, DropParty, Essentials, Factions, FeatherBoard, Anti Cheat, FlyArea, GoldApple Cooldown, Holographics, Invrestore, Kitadder, Koth, MobStacker, MoneyPouch, Rename, WarpGUI, WorldGuard, WorldEdit, Vouchers, Vault, Trade+, Staff+, Tablist, Silkspawners, ShopGUI, RandomTP, Obby Destroy, and PermissionsEX.

    ★ Prison ($5.00) ★ Vouch Copies (0/1)
    Animated Names, Anti Cheat, AH, AutoSell, Balance Format, Buycrafy, Chatcolor, Chat Reation, ChestCommand, Chestshop, Citizens, Clearlag, CombatLog, CrateReload, Custom Help, DeluxeTags, Epic Rename, Essntials, EZBlocks, EZPrestige, EZRanksPro, FeatherBoard, GAListener, JumpPads, Holgraphic, Inventory Full, KitAdder, Linkitem, LiteBans, Announcer, MineCrates, Core, NocheatPlus, NoFlyZone, PickEnchant, Vaults, Plots, PrisonMines, ServerList, ServerSigns, ShopGUI, Skript, Speed, Staff+, SuperTrails, TitleManager, TokenEnchant, Vault, ViaVersion, WorldBorder, VoxelSniper, VoteParty, WorldEdit, and WorldGuard.

    ★ HCF ($3.00) ★ Vouch Copies (0/1)
    CustomCrates, DonorClaim, Essentials, Koth, LiteMans, MangoCheat, MOTDMANAGER, MyCommand, NoCheatPlus, Notorious 1.4.1, NXAnnouncer, PermissionsEX, Plugman, Renamer, Shopkeepers, SilkSpawners, ToggleOP, Vault, WorldBorder, WorldEdit, and WorldGuard.

    ★ Skyblock ($5.00) ★
    AdvancedBan, AnitWDL, ASkyBlock, AH, AutoBroadCast, BankNotes, BlockCreator & Particles, Char1.2, Chestreaction, ChestCommand, Chestshop, Citizens & CMD, Clearlag, CoinFlipper, CombatLog, CommandNPC, CoreProtect, Cosmic Vault, Crazy Auctions & Enchantments, CustomOreGen, Durexp, EchoPet, Essentials, FastASyncWorld, Featherboard, FreshStaff, GolemDrops, Holgraphic, HungerPlus, KitsPreview, LiftSign, LimitCrafting, LinkItem Lockette, Lottery, NetherWater, NoCheatPlus, PermissionsEX, PEXTABCOLORS, PlaceHolderAPI, PlugMan, ShopGUI, SilkSpawners, SkyQuery, Spawners Addon, StackMob, Vault, ViaVersion, WeeTrade, WorldEdit, and WorldGuard.

    ★ Kitmap ($2.50) ★ Vouch Copies (0/1)
    AAC, AnimatedNames, ChestCommands, Citizens, CommandBlock, CoreProtect, Essentials, KitBattle, Vault, ViaVersion, Vouchers, WorldEdit, and WorldGuard.
    ─ Payment ─
    Paypal - [email protected]
    F&F Only
    ─ Terms of Service ─
    1. Must be at least 15 years of age to buy a product from Sapphire Setups.
    2. Use my service or other services involved in the transactions and build up to the transactions in any way that is unlawful, illegal, fraudulent or harmful, or in connection with any unlawful, illegal, fraudulent or harmful purpose or activity.
    3. Use my service to copy, store, host, transmit, send, use, publish or distribute any material which consists of (or is liked to) any spyware, computer virus, Trojan horse, worm, keystroke logger, rootkit or other malicious computer software
    4. You must not send data transmitted by myself or others of a recent transaction from the past 8 weeks of receiving payments.
    5. You must ensure that all the information you supply to myself through skype or Private messaging, or any website with Direct/private messaging systems.
    6. You are unable to duplicate files or Products of our creation and send them to anyone without our agreement first.
    7. If you also do not follow these terms and conditions we are able to post reviews to buyers/sellers about your areas of discontent.
    8. You must be respectful and considerate of the Sapphire Setup members, and if disrespectful or threatening we may cancel/opt of any project/deal.
    ─ Contact ─

    Banned Reason: Scamming The User #920 (Zyger) Ban Ends: Never
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