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Discussion in 'Configurations' started by Banned, Oct 15, 2017.

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    Today, I am offering my skills of configuration for free. The reason for this is because I'm new to this website so I want to get my rep up. That's correct I will be doing configurations for free. If you like the configuration I make for you please leave a vouch!

    What will I do?
    I will do any configuration apart from a shop config for example ShopGuiPlus. This means that I will do anything from setting up bungee-cord to doing crates.

    How do you get your FREE config?
    Well, all you need to do is either add me on discord @MineWoodTurtle#7649 or private message with the following template.

    Mc-Trade Profile:
    Proof of ownership (Discord only):
    Download link (to the config):
    What do you want me to do to the config?

    Kind regards,
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